Shape Shifters is a 2D top-down minimalist puzzle game where the player simultaneously maneuvers multiple shapes towards their goals. The shapes are all controlled at the same time, but their environments are not the same, meaning the player must figure out a path through the level that will navigate each shape into the goal at the same time. As the game progresses, the levels progress from having 1 shape to having up to 5 shapes at once, increasing in complexity. 

Designer: Luke Piazza

Programmer: Cole Kersting

Artist: Keziah Yarnoff


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Good Game and Mechanics I love your game :D  im downloading Unity too mabye can i do something. Cool Game

I never see so a Game. Good so :D


i cant seem to get past level 7 but that does not matter :)

want to see my game? its called 10 blocks 

im just looking for feedback :)

Thank you for playing! Level 7 is difficult, yeah, but it's not impossible. I checked out your game and left some feedback for you as well!